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“I'm just a summer resident here in Bass Lake but I try to find some reason to make a visit to this lumber yard every year we visit.  It's just a project waiting to happen and the people here are so nice and helpful, you want to come back just to see them!”

Rosey E., Bass Lake, CA

“I got a place here and it always is needing something done.  There's a lot of hardware stores around here but this place has personality, history and expertise all under one roof.  I doubt you can't find what you're looking for at this place.”

Bernie G., Santa Cruz, CA

Everytime I walk into that yard, I want to build something...somthing huge!  It's like a toy store for your brain and anybody in that place will help you do it with a smile on their face!”​

Hank D., Ahwahnee, CA

“All I needed was certain kind of lag bolt that would get the job done...and ya'know what?  They had it!  I saved a bunch of gas not having to go all the way to Fresno to a crowded huge store...and I was in and out there in two minutes.  I've been comin' here for years...never go anywhere else.  These are great folks.”

Kris B., Bass Lake, CA

I'm a local contractor and I can't say enough about James and the folks at the yard. They are dependable, competitively priced for this area and helpful in a pinch.  I feel great knowing these people are supporting my company.  It gives me confidence working with them."


JF, Oakhurst Area, CA”

“If you want to have the most pleasurable experience buying a widget you have no idea what it is used for then you want to come here and talk to James and his people.  You'll get educated on the product and use it right ... and you might even enjoy the whole transaction.”

Victoria S., Mariposa, CA

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